Dance Wear Requirements
All dancer’s are required to wear “dance clothes” to every dance class.

Mini dancer’s Ages 3 through 6 years old:
Leotard: any style, any color
Tights: any style, any color
Black tie up tap Shoes Capezio #625
Pink Ballet Shoes Bloch Pink style #Bunny Hop

Junior and Senior Dancer’s 9 ( ages 9 and up )
Leotard: any style, any color
Tights: any style, any color ( footless tights are best )
Jazz or capri stretch pants
Jazz Shoes: Bloch SO401L black for class
Ballet Shoes: Pink Capezio #200 Leather only
Tap Shoes: Bloch Split sole SO388 in black

Black Leotard only ( any style )
Pink Tights only ( footless or footed )
Optional: Skirt: black only, leg warmers: pink only.
All leather Ballet shoes capezio #200
Hair must be tied back and up in a Ballet bun for every class.

Exercise clothes, sweat pants, stretch pants, shorts and street tennis shoes. NO JEANS!

We recommend that all that all dancer’s go to A-! Dance and Theatrical for all your
dance wear needs. Bring this form with you and you will recieve a 15% discount on
your entire purchase.

A-1 Dance & Theatrical
22120 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Baggy T-shirts, jeans, denim, over size sweatshirts, school or street clothes are not
considered “dance clothes” and are not allowed!