"For a different perspective, I can attest to the long-term impacts of Debbie's nurturing, inclusive approach to dance instruction for kids.

It has been 30 years since I was a "Debbette" in sequined costumes and glittery tights, yet my self-confidence is still strongest when I'm on a dance floor. Not because of talent, but because Debbie fostered my self-esteem so consistently in my years of classes with her that I still feel my best self when I'm on a smooth parquet floor. It always felt like self-expression and joy were the priorities in those childhood classes, rather than perfectionism or the pressures of competition.

As a result, I have continued to dance at all stages of my life in some form or another - East Coast swing, salsa, adult jazz classes, Argentine tango. The safe haven that Debbie created in her studio and her constant positive support when I was young instilled in me both a love of dance and a love of self. What could have been a mere hobby at other studios became a lasting foundation for poise and fortitude at DC Dance Center.

If you just want someone to teach your kid to tap, go anywhere you like. If you want someone to champion your kid's spirit, go to Debbie."

- Kim B., San Diego, CA

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